DIY Dry Erase Memo Board

Due to unfortunate issues in obtaining licensure for genetic counseling, I have 3 weeks off at least before starting my job ... and it's wonderful. I had a great weekend with family and friends who came to celebrate my graduation with me! I really do have the best family, and I love them dearly.

So, in the few hours of freedom that I've had so far, I've racked up about 100,000 different crafts and recipes to complete.  One such project, I completed today in about 15 minutes time, so I thought I would share it with you.

I came across this memo board idea on another blog: Make and Takes

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What you need:
  • 1 photo frame
    (I upcycled mine, an old frame that I put a fresh coat of paint on)
  • 1 page of your favorite scrapbook paper
  • Dry erase markers
Project Time: 1 hour or less, depending on what shape the frame is in

Project Cost: Free (if you've got the supplies lying around)

It's pretty easy.
1. Prep the frame by painting, cleaning, removing old photos, etc.
2. Cut the scrapbook paper to match the frame size. 
      2a. You can write on the scrapbook paper for menu for the week, to-do list, etc.
      2b. You can add scrapbooking embellishments if you're uber-scrappy-crafty
3. Put the paper into the frame.
4. Put a nail in the wall or magnets on the back of the frame to hang on the fridge.
5. Get organized, make a list :)

Here's my version!

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